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My Big Fat China Wish List

Captain Canada just got back from Switzerland and he heads to China this weekend.  So you can probably guess that I am working on a wish list.  Along with a good rice cooker, some nice udon bowls, and anything Hello Kitty I am hoping that he can find Nfu Oh nail polish while he is there as well as some Korean cosmetics.  I already have a few things from Skin 79, Misha, Skinfood, Holika Holika & Baviphat on my list.  However, I was wondering if any of you might have some suggestions.  If you so, please comment below.

I am quite looking forward to getting my hands on some new things.  It seems I’m always coming across different cosmetic products from Korea & Japan and quite frankly, more often than not the packaging is out of this world.  I also feel that being so fair that these products might just work well with my pasty glow in the dark the skin.  By the way, if he comes home with even one bottle of Nfu Oh I will probably faint due to sheer surprise and excitement.  With that said though, I would honestly rather have the Captain at home with myself and the Incredibly Bullie Duo where he belongs.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that this will be the end of his work travels for a little while at least.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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