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Essie: Bouncer It’s Me

Long time no see!  I hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer.  I am sad to say that I think summer has left the building, well at least the one I’m living in.  The days spent basking in the radiation of the sun clad in half a bottle of sunscreen and floating around the old swimmin hole are long gone.  Quite frankly I’m more than a little bitter, I’m in fact really pissed.  Our summer got such a later start and it was so short-lived.  I mean I finally get a tan and I have to cover it up before anyone even gets to see my healthy glow.  CRAPTASTIC!  So if you’re somewhere that is blessed with better weather don’t take it for granted and please soak up some more of that summer goodness on my behalf.  Now onto the review.

Rating System:  Poor, Okay, Average, Good, Excellent

Brand: Essie

Collection:  Neon Summer 2013

Finish:  Semi-Matte

3 Free:  Yes

Formula:  Poor

Application:  Poor

Durability:  (I hated it so much I didn’t even wear it long.)

Coats:  3

Base Coat:  Essie Sensitivity Base Coat

Top Coat:  Essie Matte About You Top Coat

Price: $8 USD, $7.95 CAD, €7,95 EUR, £5 GBP

Availability:  One of my favorite bloggers and cosmetic hoarding gal pal, Product Hoochie was actually kind enough to pick this up for me.  I kind of panicked when I didn’t see the Neon’s making their appearance here in Germany, and asked her to pick this one up for me.  However, the collection did finally release, albeit a bit later, in Germany at DM Drogerie stores.  Now I am sure they are sold out though.  You can also  find this color along with the rest of the Neon’s, if you are so inclined, at sites like Zappos, Nail Polish Direct, Beauty Bay, 6 pm, and Nail Polish Canada.

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My Two Cents:   First I feel the need to say that generally I love most things Essie and I would never be so nasty as to just outright trash a company or product but in all honestly this was a total “Loathe It” for me.  First of all, I would not personally classify “Bouncer It’s Me” as a neon.  Secondly this sucker was so dang streaky and uneven once applied that I could not even stand it on my fingers for more than a day.

Although I did not post a review of it, I had even worse problems with “Shake Your $$ Maker,” which I put over a base of Essie Blanc as was suggested.  On a side note I did see some swatches from other girls who seemed to have made this work but now I find myself wondering just what sorcery they used to achieve the lovely finishes I saw.  Sorry Essie, but all relationships have their ups and downs and luckily this is only the second horror show we’ve gone to together, so I think it’s safe to say I still have much love for you!

Tips:    If this is on your wish list I would pass this one up and look for a similar color from a different brand.

Something Similar:  Nails Inc. – Baker Street, Sinful Colors – Endless Blue.

As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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July 2013 Favorites

I have been a bad blogger as of late, but in all honesty I haven’t been wearing much makeup since I was traveling, yep we were in Ireland for what I’ve been told was a very rare heat wave, and also since summer finally arrived here in Germany in full force.  I mean when you live in a place with no air conditioning to speak of with the exception of the sanctuary that is McDonald’s and temperatures often rocket up to or close to 30° C  to 38° C (86° F to 100° F) since we too are amidst a heat wave, it makes me feel a bit hard pressed to put anything on my face aside from the necessity that is sunscreen.  Okay, so enough rambling and onto the favorites!

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M.A.C. Modesty Lipstick – I was looking for a new lipstick that was a tad more neutral than my signature Russian Red and I am happy to report that I found it in Modesty.  It is a lovely subtle shade of pink which is described as a “muted neutral pink” on the M.A.C. website.   I feel that for me, this is the perfect “your lips but better shade.”

Essie Peach Daiquiri – My gal pal Mayti sent me this ages ago and I hadn’t ever used it since corals and oranges look horrendous on me since I tend to resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost much of the year.  However, I have gotten a bit of color this summer and thought that even though this wouldn’t look so hot on my fingers that it would look great on my toes, which it did.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Milk Chocolate – All my fellow fair complected ladies need to jump on this stuff.  I originally thought this would be great for contouring, which I personally stink at, but I think that for me this works better just as it was intended to be, a bronzer.  It really does give you a natural looking touch of bronze without making you look like a Jersey Shore cast member.  Oh, and did I mention that it smells like chocolate?

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder – I find this powder works well on it’s own to swipe over my face to even out skin tone as well as to combat redness and shine.  I prefer to apply this with a brush rather than the sponge applicator that it comes with for a more natural even finish.

Real Techniques Powder Brush – Just like all of the other Real Techniques brushes I have, is incredibly soft and works well to go over your face to blend everything together for a finishing touch as well as to apply powder to set your makeup.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 – This has become my go to everyday sunscreen, I even use it on my face and it hasn’t broken me out or irritated my skin at all.  I love that his combines a moisturizer and an SPF which sinks into your skin leaving you feeling soft and moisturized rather than sticky or greasy like most sunscreens.  It has a really nice fragrance that I personally can’t get enough of.  However, if you’re a fan of sweeter scents that this may not be for you.

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel Oil – This is such a great body oil and it smells amazing.  I like to apply this right after the shower, especially after shaving my legs.  It absorbs into the skin nicely and gives you one hell of a healthy glow.  Just be aware that a little goes a long way.

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo & Conditioner – I believe this is a newish product and I am rather enjoying it.  Upon first use I noticed that my hair was in fact softer and shinier.  I am naturally a brunette and go blonde so my hair needs some help in that area.  These have a nice fragrance.  As with all Redken products, these are little on the pricey side, but well worth it especially if you can find them on sale.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash and Body Scrub – After hearing these from numerous bloggers and YouTuber’s I decided to hunt these down and give them a sniff while I was in Ireland.  I obviously liked what I got a whiff and quickly snatched these up.  These smell awesome, kind of like super lime infused Coca Cola.  Aside from smelling great, they actually are lovely products for your skin.  The scrub super exfoliates your skin while still being gentle and moisturizing and the body wash leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Yankee Candle Co. Sicilian Lemon – So apparently they have Yankee Candle Co. stores in Ireland, I just wish I knew that before because I would have allowed for more weight in my luggage on the way home.  Anyhow, I am a sucker for citrus scents, especially lemon.  It’s also one of the few candle fragrances that Captain Canada doesn’t object to and actually quite likes as well.  This scent is a little less sweet than the previous Lemon Zest candle I had from Yankee.

Flavia de Luce Mysteries by Allen Bradley – I had to include these because they are that great.  I’m currently on the third book in the series but I was hooked upon reading the first.  The setting is early 1950’s post war England in small picturesque country village and revolves around the life of and eleven year old girl.  However, she is not your typical eleven year old girl, Flavia has a deep love and natural aptitude for chemistry and she is about as quick-witted as they come which combines with her insatiable curiosity to contribute to her development into quite the formidable super sleuth.  I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re a fan of fiction and wouldn’t mind an interesting fun read then definitely give it a look.  If you would like to read more about the books and to find a chronological list of the series then click here.

That’s all for now as I am off to get ready to head to the beach and I use the term “beach” loosely, it’s more like the local swimming hole.  Hey, we are landlocked and for Captain Canada and I being from the Great Lakes region, it’s as close as we can get.  Besides, when it’s this hot, you don’t discriminate just so long as you can find a way to cool off.   As always, thanks for reading, check back soon and I hope that you enjoy your weekend as much as we plan to.

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Essie: Beyond Cozy

I am glad to say that I am back in business, so to speak, for the new year.  The Incredibly Bullie Duo, Captain Canada and I had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve and I hope that you enjoyed the holidays as well.  Here’s to a fun filled year and getting back into the swing of things!  Now onto the nail polish…

Rating System:  Poor, Okay, Average, Good, Excellent

Brand:  Essie

Collection: Leading Lady Winter 2012 

Finish:  Micro-glitter

3 Free:  Yes

Cruelty Free:  No

Vegan:  No

Formula:  Excellent

Application:  Excellent

Durability:  Excellent

Coats:  2

Base Coat:  Essie Sensitivity Base Coat

Top Coat:  Essie Good To Go Rapid Dry Top Coat

Price: $6.25 – $8 USD, $9.75 CAD, €7,95 EUR, £7.99 – £9.99 GBP

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Availability:  I purchased mine at my local DM after stalking it for over a month, and they still had a few colors from the collection left last week, although Beyond Cozy was not among them.  However, they did have the mini trio set still available which includes this color.

United States:  Amazon.com, Walgreens, Wal-Mart & CVS stores.

Canada:  Nail Polish Canada

Germany:  DM, Amazon.de and I had also heard Douglas stores had them as well.

United Kingdom:  Amazon.co.uk

My Two Cents:  Beyond Cozy is beyond ah-mazing!  Not only is it beautiful, goes on like a dream, but it has been exceptional in the wear department.  For a silver polish, it definitely has a that little something different thanks to the hint of warm champagne in it. but it has this It’s a great holiday color, but in all honesty I will have no problem wearing it year round when the mood strikes me.  I also think it would make a good base for some jelly sandwich experimentation or as an accent color.  If you’ve not already picked this up, then I highly recommend doing so if you can track a bottle down as it will not disappoint.

Tips:  Start with a base coat, and be generous with the top coat, especially if you don’t like the rough feel that top coat thirsty glitters can have.

Something Similar:  In all honesty, there are a whole whack of silver micro-glitters on the market, but I just don’t feel that any others have the same warm tone to them that Beyond Cozy does.  However, if you beg to differ please feel free to let me know by commenting down below.

As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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Love It, Loathe It: Friends Edition

Since I quite enjoy reading everyone’s posts about their monthly favorites I thought it would be fun to do something that would allow me to feature the likes and dislikes of some of my favorite people.  So that is exactly where the idea for the “Love It, Loathe It: Friends Edition” came from.  I plan to make this a regular feature on my site so keep an eye out for more posts like this one and please comment below to let me know what you think.

To kick things off, we’re going to begin with the lovely Carolina who was kind enough to be the first to take part.  Not only is she family and a fellow lip balm connoisseur, but she is a wife and full-time mommy on the go living in a big bustling city.  Without any further adieu, here are her answers to my questionnaire and accompanying picture.

Skin care product:

Love it:  Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for combination skin – Best

face moisturizer ever (for me at least)!  Nice balance of hydration without

being oily or greasy.

Loathe it:  Burt’s Bees – Peach & Willow Bark Deep Pore Scrub

smells really weird and when you’re done using it your face still feels


Bath or shower product:

Love it:  A loofah – I love loofahs, seriously they make you feel SO

clean.  Also, Moonlight Path Body Wash by Bath & Body Works or Yardley Oatmeal

& Almond Bar Soap, both smell wonderful, although my husband says the latter

smells like old lady.

Loathe it:  Dove products – They dry out my skin.  Soap, body wash

you name it.

Hair product or tool:

Love it:  BioSilk Silk Therapy – It makes your hair sleek and soft,

it smells great plus a small bottle lasts forever.  You only need a pea

size and that’s for long hair!

Loathe it:  Pillow Curlers (I think they’re by ConAir) – I’m a lazy hair

person so I gave these a try, they just made me look like I forgot to brush

my hair.


Love It:  Clinique quick eyes cream shadow in 01 sparkling nude –

I can get away with putting just this and some gloss on.  It is my grab and

throw on and run out the door eyeshadow.  The applicator is great too.

Loathe It:  Colored Mascara – I don’t get it.


Love it:  Currently I’m addicted to Palmer’s Dark Chocolate &

Peppermint gloss.  It gives the glossy shine without the stick and it gives

great hydration which is wonderful for a chap stick fanatic!

Loathe it:  Anything  from SoftLips – At first I loved them mainly

because of smell/taste but then it was like my lips built a barrier to them

and they made my lips feel like helmets.


Love it:  Clinique Almost Makeup in 02 light – It’s the only foundation

I get along with, it is super light and you don’t feel it.   Pretty much a

foolproof foundation once you pick your color.   I use a Clinique brush

applicator to apply it evenly.

Loathe it:  Sponge applicator – They make me feel like I’m

caking stuff on my face.


Love it:  Sinful Colors Professional in 944 Innocent – It’s the

best bright green nail polish.  I had it on my toes all summer.

Loathe it:  Super long fake nails – They look so unnatural!


Love it:  Ops! – It’s a Brazilian perfume I’ve loved since I think

junior hight school.  It has a really nice subtle scent, can’t get sick of

wearing it!

Loathe it:  I don’t like smelling like food.  Food scented

body sprays weird me out.


Love it:  Motherhood Maternity Jeans Skirt – I love my dark jean

skirt that fits me while I’m pregnant and after.

Loathe it:  Halter Top Dresses.


Love it:  Light Pashminas – They go with everything and keep you

warm when needed.

Loathe it:  Gladiator Sandals – I don’t understand Roman shoes for


Book, magazine, movie, tv show or game:

Love it:  Pride & Prejudice – the book by Jane Austin & the newest


Loathe it:  Family Guy – that little baby makes me angry.


Love it:  All Angels – I don’t think I’ve heard anything of theirs

that I don’t like.

Loathe it:  Screaming music – I know there is a genre title but

seriously they just scream you can’t hear the lyrics or enjoy the music

because they’re screaming!


Love it:  My iPhone – I’m addicted to being able to check

everything always.


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Green Glittergasm!

I wore this combination last week and just had to share it with you guys.  The base is China Glaze Deviantly Daring from the Bohemian Luster Chrome collection and the glittery top coat is Models Own Dancing Queen from their new Mirrorball collection.  I love these two together, what do you think?  Reviews coming soon and I hope that you all have a great weekend.  As always, thanks for reading and be sure to check back soon.

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