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New Color Tattoo’s Spotted in Germany

Tonight I was in DM and I stumbled upon a display for the new Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr Creme-Gels.  I know there have been two new sets of colors released in the U.S. but as far as I know, this is the first time they’ve added anything new to the line here in Europe.  So in other words, this is rather exciting news for all of us ladies living here in Germany.   At the moment I don’t know if these are limited edition or whether they will be part of Maybelline’s permanent collection, but I will do some digging so that I can let you know when I do a full review.  There were four colors available but I only two appealed to me.  While I think that three of the colors are the same or similar to some of the recent U.S. releases, there was one that I believe is exclusive to Europe.  As I said I will do some research and stop back by my local DM to hopefully get some pics of the display if I can manage it and at the very least some swatches of the other colors as well as a complete list of the new color names.

Without further adieu, here is your little sneak peek…


I know this is a bit of tease, but I didn’t want to say or show too much before I do my review.  I will say this though, Light in Purple is pretty awesome in the jar.  We shall have to wait to and see if it’s as lovely once it’s applied.  Keep an eye out for these reviews and as always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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Quickie: Balea Zucker Schnute Body Cream

First of all, I’d like to take a minute to offer a little explanation.  Sometimes I come across products or things in general that I quite like or in some cases dislike that don’t exactly warrant an extensive review.  However, I still want to share these things with you so that you can enjoy them or so that you  know to steer clear of them.  So I thought this would be an excellent way to do that in a short, sweet and more concise way.  Let me know what you think by commenting down below.

FYI “Zucker Schnute” translates to “Sugar Pout”

This was one of those impulse buy’s.  You know the deal, you’re wandering the drugstore and happen upon a display that catches your eye and then you’re sucked in.  Did I need yet another body lotion? Of course not.  However, once I smelled this there was no way I was walking out DM without it.  I for one love sweet-scented products.  If it smells like vanilla, almond or something equally as yummy, I’m instantly sold.  This body cream smells like a sweet, lemony vanilla frosted cupcake.  Every morning when I slather this on my skin after my shower, I find myself very tempted to high tail into the kitchen and bake a dozen or so cupcakes.

Not only does this smell amazing, but it was super affordable, I think this was about €2,45 for 200 ml of product.  Balea is DM’s store brand of products.  They offer an incredibly wide range products.  Personally I have only tried a handful of Balea products and I have found them to be pretty run of the mill for the most part.  This body cream is the exception in my opinion though.  It is incredibly moisturizing and the scent lasts the whole day.  Also, I find that once you work this in it is not greasy like some other body butter/cream products that I’ve tried.  For me this is a must because I can not stand that greasy feeling, especially during the warmer months.  I would definitely repurchase this.  In fact next time I’m in DM I plan to pick up a few more of these before they disappear.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.


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Essie Mirror Metallics Haul

Okay so I know I just posted a haul from last week so it probably looks as though I have a shopping addiction, but I can assure you that I do not.  Although I did also score the free Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio and a bottle of Cynthia while I was at the site checking out at the butt crack of dawn this morning.  Please don’t judge me.  So last week while in the Douglas Bamberg store I ran across a display for a new Essie collection that I had heard absolutely nothing about called “Mirror Metallics.”  By the way, am I alone in this or was there just not much hype around this collection?  Please let me know by commenting below because I am feeling a little off my game and out of the loop where these are concerned.  Anyhow, at first glance I thought they looked really lack luster and didn’t give them a second thought until they popped up in my local DM drug stores as well.  I have to be honest, in the bottle they just didn’t look very exciting, but then I checked swatches of them on the net and was pleasantly surprised and more than happy to eat my words about them being lack luster and unexciting.  Seeing these in the bottle just does not do them justice in my opinion.  So after a hearty helping of humble pie I ran to DM today to score most of the collection.

The Mirror Metallics Collection contains five new Essie colors.  No Place Like Chrome, Blue Rhapsody, Nothing Else Metals, Penny Talk, and Good As Gold (love the names by the way, so cute).I picked all but Good As Gold, although now I’m thinking I may pick it up later.  I’m still unsure about it though as it just doesn’t appeal to me so much as the other colors.  In fact, all three stores I saw this in, it seemed that even among the very picked over displays that Good As Gold was always the one color they had an abundance of.  Below is my attempt at best describing the collection to you, although I think Essie does a much better job at it than I do.

  • No Place Like Chrome – Silver metallic chrome
  • Blue Rhapsody – Light blue metallic chrome
  • Nothing Else Metals – Light pinkish lilac metallic chrome
  • Penny Talk – Soft coppery metallic chrome
  • Good As Gold – A more subtle gold metallic chrome

I just purchased these this afternoon and literally just finished my second coat of Nothing Else Metals (still need to do a top coat in fact) about ten minutes ago.  I can already say that I’m loving this color though and I am so not a pink girl.  Even my husband, Captain Canada thinks it’s awesome, he said it looked like I had little mirrors on my fingers.  I can not stop looking at my nails, I mean they look like space nails after all so who could really blame me.  I know that metallics have been done many times over, but I think that Essie did them incredibly well.  Metallics I’ve used in the past tend to go on rather streaky, thin or clumpy.  That is not the case with these as far as I can tell.  Admittedly I have only used the one color so far but it went on like a dream, seriously.  I was able to do two coats, thinner coats at that (yes I started with a base coat as I always do) and the streaking was so minimal, and would be even more so if someone with better polishing skills applied it, that it really does have a nice chrome effect.  Not only is the streaking minimal, but these go on nice and smoothly provided you have the right amount of product on the brush.  I found that having not too much but not too little polish to the point that it became dry too quickly worked best.  I especially like how subtle these metallics are.  I have seen some in other brands that are really flashy and in your face, and those certainly can be fun and have their place, but the Mirror Metallics are just a nice alternative.  I will being posting more extensive reviews as I use these so keep an eye out for them.  Essie polish retails at DM Drogerie’s in Germany for 7,95€ but you can also find them at Douglas stores.  I’m honestly not sure where you can find this collection in the States just yet.  If anyone does know, please comment below.  In the States you can find these at CVS, Target, Walgreens and Ulta for about $8 USD and in the UK you can find this collection at some Boots stores.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.  Please let me know if you’ve spotted these in Canada.

Please excuse my less than stellar pictures.  I did my best but still had a really difficult time doing these justice.

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