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Nail Files: Bare All Tag

I was going to save this for tomorrow but I wanted to get it out there sooner rather than later.  Anyhow, I am sure that many of you have come across these “tags” that seem ever so prevalent on various social networking sites, blogs and YouTube channels all across the web.  Well I got to thinking and I thought it might be interesting to start one of my own.  That is where the “Nail Files: Bare All Tag” comes into play.  Many of us love our pretty polished fingers, me included, but what about the natural nails that lurk beneath the enamel?  They just don’t get much attention unless we’re prepping them for yet another coat of a lovely lacquer of our choice.  I feel it’s time to strip the polish and bare all in a show of solidarity ladies!  At least long enough to snap a photo and answer a few questions, I’m not a monster after all.  So please join me, show your naturally beautiful nails and share some information about them and the products you prefer to pamper them with.

If you would like to participate just copy and paste the following text and just fill in your own information.

Nail Files: Bare All Tag:

  • Include a photo of your clean, product free, natural nails. Don’t be shy, look I even have a stubby nub of an index finger due to a bad break and I was fearless enough to share it.
  • Preferred length:  Short
  • Preferred shape:  I guess mine would be considered “squoval.”
  • Favorite base coat:  Essie Sensitivity Base Coat
  • Favorite top coat:  Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
  • Favorite cuticle cream/oil:  Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme
  • Favorite hand cream:  Kamill Classic & Intensiv+ Hand Creme’s
  • Favorite nail clippers:  Tweezerman Combo Clipper
  • Favorite nail file:  glass file
  • Favorite remover:  Butter London Powder Room (Can’t wait to get the Royal Punch one though)
  • Self or professional manicure:  I do my own nails and all of my own stunts, thank you.
  • How often do you polish:  Once a week for the most part.
  • Most wanted nail product:  Floam Nail Polish by Nail Venturous
  • Be sure to include the nail files bare all tag in your post or video response as I have below.

TAG…you’re it!

Go on ahead and spread it around.  If you could please post a link to your “Nail Files: Bare All Tag” below in the comments I would ever so greatly appreciate it.  Also, let me know what you think of my little project.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.


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A few of my favorite things…

I was thinking that it would be fun to kick things off with a post about some of my favorite tried and true products.  These are things that I continually restock and have used for quite some time or things that I used in the past and came back to as I tend to change up what products I use depending on the time of year, the weather and what’s going on with my lovely locks for instance.  As always these are my own opinions based purely on my own experience with these products and I know that not everyone may agree.  That’s okay though because this is my blog, ha!  Anyhoo, here we go!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme – Smells great, and a little goes a long way so don’t be too put off by the price.  I put it on as needed but I especially like to slather it on after pushing my cuticles back and before bed.

Orly Cutique Cuticle Remover – Once again a little goes a long way. It is super gentle and unscented.  It also helps to remove stains left behind by nail polish.

Butter London Powder Room Laquer Remover – First off all I have to give props to cousin Meredith on this one as she is the one who turned me onto this in the first place.  This is hands down the BEST nail polish remover I have used.  It’s acetone free, it’s incredibly gentle and works wonders on stubborn glitter polish, which I frequently wear.  Sadly though, it smells like old lady perfume overload, which I was warned about, and the smell hangs around for quite a while.  It’s also on the pricey side.  Here in Germany though, it’s cheaper than OPI remover.

Labello/Nivea Lip Balm – Doesn’t matter what kind, I love it all.  My current favorites are the Hydro Care and the Vitamin Shake.  Some are just to moisturize, some have SPF, some have shimmer or gloss and some even have a hint of color.  I own a lot of these and they all have a pleasant scent and I’ve never run across one that had a bad taste.  In Germany they are Labello, but in North America, yep they’re available in Canada, they are made by Nivea.

Kamill Hand Creme – There are many varieties, and yes I own almost all of them.  I really like the Original and the Konzentrat (that’s concentrated in Deutsch) though.  They always smell nice and are super moisturizing, yet I find that they aren’t greasy, which is important because I have issues with hand creams.  A big sorry to my North American friends though, because these aren’t available there.  However, if you’re super nice I might send you a tube.

Glide Dental Floss – I’ve been using this since I was a teenager and I will not use any other floss.  My teeth are really close together so that other thick raggedy crap just doesn’t work for me.  Glide on the other hand is super thin and gently gets in there and does the job.  I’ve yet to find this in Germany so I have to have it imported.

Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste – I have used other sensitive toothpastes but I always come back to this one.  To be honest, it really doesn’t have a fantastic flavor but I do find it helps with my sensitivity problem.  I also think that if you drink a lot of acidic liquids then this is nice because it also is supposed to help preserve and restore your tooth enamel.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly – Smells great and has so many uses.  I use it for everything from dry chapped lips to dry skin, and even minor skin irritations.  I also find this helps remove stubborn eye makeup.  This might sound strange, but our bulldog Gemma has this crazy dry ridge on her nose and this stuff helps combat that problem for our pretty little girl.

Penaten Baby Oil – This is another brand from here in Germany but guess what, it’s owned by Johnson & Johnson.  I am currently using the one with Aloe and it honestly doesn’t smell the best (that’s what I get for not giving it the old sniff test in the store, for some reason my need to smell things annoys Capt Canada).  I usually buy the Gute-Nacht Öl which translates to “Good Night Oil,” but I couldn’t find that one at the time.  Anyhow, I like to use a little of this after I get out of the shower before I put on a body lotion, especially right after I shave my legs.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razors – These just work really well for me.  They cause minimal to no irritation and rarely do I experience any cuts.  I used to use Venus razors and I have also used the Divine razors as well and I honestly notice a big difference with the Embrace.

Dove Body Wash – This comes in so many varieties and I tend to grab whatever one smells nice.  While these are great for their intended use as a body wash, I also use this in place of shaving cream to shave my legs and underarms.  For one, I think shaving cream is ridiculously expensive and I noticed I ended up with way more cuts and razor burn than when I used Dove Body wash to shave my legs.  I of course discovered this years ago out of necessity because I had, luckily, run out of my shaving cream and I’ve never strayed since.

Tigi Rockaholic Punk Out Molding Gunk – This is a hair wax that I’ve used on and off for well over a year now.  Tigi says it moisturizes and protects hair which is a nice concept.  However, I like it because it add texture and separation with just a little hold.  It can be used on damp or dry hair and it smells great.  One thing though, you would be wise to use this sparingly and gradually add just a little more product as needed until you obtain the desired look.  Trust me, if you gob this on it can look and feel crazy greasy.

Redken Rewind 06 – This is a pliable styling paste that also adds texture but also provides a good amount of hold while still leaving your hair feeling soft & natural.  You can use this on damp or dry hair.  When you use it on dry hair it gives a softer more natural look and when you use it on damp hair it gives you more of a gel effect, just not quite as stiff & crunchy (if that makes sense).  I used this forever ago not long after I first chopped off all of my pretty long hair (sorry mom but you know it looks better short), and I recently was turned back onto this product by my lovely hair dresser Julia.  I love Rewind because it does exactly what it says it does and it allows you to rework your hair if needed throughout the day hence the name “Rewind.”  As for the scent, it’s alright, nothing to write home about but it’s definitely non-offensive.  I know this can be pricey but I feel it’s worth it because you get a lot of product.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – One of those products that has a bazillion uses.  When I first moved to Germany I shed a tear when I realized that I could not only find this exact brand here but that baking soda only came in these teeny tiny little envelopes with  maybe a teaspoon of baking soda in them.  Seriously, like what good was that going to do me when I needed to get my obsessive compulsive clean on?  Well low and behold after living here for over two years our local grocery store began to occasionally stock it, so I ended up buying in bulk from Amazon.de.  Anyhow, I use this to clean many many things.  It’s good for clearing & cleaning drains, stainless steel, chrome, baking dishes with baked on food, just about anything that requires an abrasive cleaner.  It works especially great in combination with vinegar as in the case of drains.  I love how gentle and environmentally friendly baking soda is and it’s pretty well the only thing that gets our dog bowls sparkling clean.  I also use it to wash my hair and face every so often as it helps clarify and exfoliate.

I certainly hope that you enjoyed this or at the very least found it a little helpful.  I am thinking that I will continue to do this on regular basis.  Instead of calling it “loves & regrets” or “raves & regrets” these type of posts will be “Love it, loathe it.”    I personally enjoy reading things like and even find it helpful.  Anyhow, please let me know what you think about these products as well as my idea to make this a regular thing.

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