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Bdellium Tools: Precision Kabuki 957

Brush:  Precision Kabuki 957 Amazon Purple Exclusive

Price:  $7.95 USD, €6,12 Germany, £11.95 UK

Bristles:  Synthetic

Rating:  Excellent

Use:  Liquid, cream & powder foundations, blushes, and highlighters.

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Availability:  You can order direct from the Bdellium Tools site, Amazon.com, Amazon.de, and Amazon.co.uk.  For additional information about availability in your country, click here

My Two Cents:  I have absolutely no complaints about this brush.  It is incredibly versatile as it can be used with any and all types of products.  The bristles are treated with an antibacterial agent and are super soft and gentle.  I am really impressed by how beautifully well made Bdellium Tools are.  This brush is currently on for half of the original list price which is seriously a steal.  Oh yeah, and it’s purple!

While I ordered three brushes in total just to give Bdellium Tools a try, this was the first one I used and quite frankly, it truly was a case of love at first sight which quickly turned into pure infatuation upon first use.  I like to use the Precision Kabuki to apply my M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.  Since I don’t wear liquid or cream foundations, I find that this helps me achieve excellent coverage, especially with a powder product.  Other brushes I’ve used leave me looking chalky but the 957 seems to really blend the product into the skin leaving a more natural looking flawless finish.

This was definitely my gateway brush because just as I said in a tweet to Bdellium, I am smitten.  Since getting into makeup I have been expanding my brush collection by trying out a few brushes from various different manufacturers in an attempt to get a feel for them with the hope that I will eventually land on company that I feel good enough about to make a more substantial investment in a large set of their brushes.  For ages I have been coveting some Sigma brushes, and while I still want to give them along with a few Sedona Lace and Crown brushes a try, I think that Bdellium might just be “the one.”

Tips:  Keep your brushes clean and in good condition by doing a regular thorough wash with soap and water while spot cleaning in between.

Manufacturer Care Instructions:  Wash with regular shampoo, rinse, then lay flat to air dry.  For more information on care from Bdellium click here

I hope you’ve found this review helpful and I highly recommend giving this or any of Bdellium Tools brushes a try.  I can’t imagine you’ll be disappointed.  Reviews of the other two Bdellium brushes I picked up are in the works.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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Update & Bdellium Tools Sneak Peek

I recently did a swap with Product Hoochie and the package she sent my way arrived a few days ago.  So I hope to get that post ready to share with you soon.  I had originally planned to work on that today but I ended up on a contagious cleaning spree.  For some reason I can’t always seem to just clean one room or focus on one particular task, it just starts to spread like a highly infectious disease and the next thing I know I’m completely committed and cleaning things with a toothbrush half the time.  I swear it’s hereditary because I hear from my cousins that they find themselves doing similar things.  It’s like one minute you’re a normal human being cleaning your surroundings in a very sane controlled way, then it’s almost like you’ve blacked out, lost a few hours and snap back only to find yourself doing a disturbingly thorough deep clean as if you’re preparing for the CSI of house inspectors to make a visit.  We all have our quirks…right?

Now onto the sneaky peek!  I ordered a few Bdellium brushes from Amazon.de a few weeks ago while ordering a birthday gift for a little buddy of mine back in the Mitten.  Amazon is such an enabler by the way.  I had been hearing and reading great things about Bdellium for quite some time so I thought I’d pick up a few brushes from their various different ranges.  I will of course do a review once I get a good feel for them.  Let me know if you’ve used Bdellium brushes and what your thoughts are.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

*The purple 957 Precision Kabuki is a limited edition only available through Amazon.

Just a quick pic taken with my phone.

Just a quick pic taken with my phone.

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