Swap with Product Hoochie

What seems like ages ago now, Jessica from Product Hoochie and I decided to do a little swap.  As per usual we set our price limit, exchanged wish lists and got shopping.  I actually received Jessica’s package two weeks ago but have just finally gotten around to taking photos and posting.  For some reason I just can’t shake the slump I’m in, I think a lot of it has to do with the severe lack of sunlight, a case of the winter blahs and that nasty head cold deal I had going on last week sure didn’t help matters either.  However, today I’m glad to report that I am feeling better and pretty much back to myself thanks to some help from Grippostad C, the Netti-Pot, Ricola, and Capt. Canada’s chicken noodle soup.

Before I even opened the box I noticed that Jessica had the cutest mailing labels with her site name on them and when I opened the box she included some of her business cards that match.  I think this is such a great idea and I’ve been contemplating having some made myself.  While I did request a few specific items, most of what Jessica sent came as a complete surprise to me.  She included a letter which listed the items she included along with a little explanation why she chose them, which I thought was such a nice touch. I could tell that she really made the effort to include some products that she really enjoyed along with some that she was curious to try herself as well as the items I had requested.  She even added a few little extras which was so sweet of her.


Leading up to the swap and ever since then, Jessica and I have kept in contact and I have really enjoyed getting to know her.  Not only is her blog awesome but so is she.  If you’ve not checked out her site already then be sure to head over to Product Hoochie ASAP!

Have you done any swaps?  Sadly I have heard some horror stories, so I would advise swapping with caution and only doing so once you’ve gotten to know the person a bit.  I have only done a handful of swaps myself but I’ve had some great experiences and ended up befriending some really lovely people.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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One thought on “Swap with Product Hoochie

  1. Lou says:

    Oh I just ADORE those Fergie polishes, they are great value for money. Great swap, enjoy playing with your new pretties!

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