Update & Bdellium Tools Sneak Peek

I recently did a swap with Product Hoochie and the package she sent my way arrived a few days ago.  So I hope to get that post ready to share with you soon.  I had originally planned to work on that today but I ended up on a contagious cleaning spree.  For some reason I can’t always seem to just clean one room or focus on one particular task, it just starts to spread like a highly infectious disease and the next thing I know I’m completely committed and cleaning things with a toothbrush half the time.  I swear it’s hereditary because I hear from my cousins that they find themselves doing similar things.  It’s like one minute you’re a normal human being cleaning your surroundings in a very sane controlled way, then it’s almost like you’ve blacked out, lost a few hours and snap back only to find yourself doing a disturbingly thorough deep clean as if you’re preparing for the CSI of house inspectors to make a visit.  We all have our quirks…right?

Now onto the sneaky peek!  I ordered a few Bdellium brushes from Amazon.de a few weeks ago while ordering a birthday gift for a little buddy of mine back in the Mitten.  Amazon is such an enabler by the way.  I had been hearing and reading great things about Bdellium for quite some time so I thought I’d pick up a few brushes from their various different ranges.  I will of course do a review once I get a good feel for them.  Let me know if you’ve used Bdellium brushes and what your thoughts are.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

*The purple 957 Precision Kabuki is a limited edition only available through Amazon.

Just a quick pic taken with my phone.

Just a quick pic taken with my phone.

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6 thoughts on “Update & Bdellium Tools Sneak Peek

  1. These look really nice. I have a million brushes and ones from Crown, too, so I am good for a long time.

    • I’ve only been in the makeup game for a year now so I’m still stocking up on brushes. So far I really like my Real Technique brushes and the few Royal & Langnickel brushes I have. I’ve not tried Crown brushes but I’d like to. I want to give a few Sedona Lace and Sigma brushes a try as well to see what all the fuss is about.

      • To tell you the truth I am no brush expert. I have brushes that I love and brushes that I have hated. I guess it is just what works for you.

      • That’s why I want to try a little something from many different brands. Then I can hopefully land on one that I really like.

      • Go for it! I used ELF brushes for years then I noticed the quality of the new ones changed. My old ones are still good.

      • That is interesting because I bought a few Eco-Tools brushes years ago and they are really nice and soft. Then a few months ago I asked my mom to pick up the eye brush set for me and they are so dang rough and scratchy. I for one don’t have a need or desire to exfoliate my already sensitive eyelids.

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