Models Own: Purple Blue

Rating System:  Poor, Okay, Average, Good, Excellent

Brand:  Models Own

Collection:  Beetlejuice

Finish:  Duo-chrome

3 Free:  No

Animal Tested:  No

Vegan Friendly:  Yes

Formula:  Average

Application:  Average

Durability:  Okay

Coats:  3

Base Coat:  Essie Sensitivity Base Coat

Top Coat:  Essie Good To Go Rapid Dry Top Coat

Price:  $8 USD, $8 CAD, €6,30 EUR, £5 GBP


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Availability:  I purchased Purple Blue directly from Models Own during a 50% off promo a while back.  They ship internationally as does Ninja Polish who also carry Models Own products.  Models Own is readily available throughout the UK at stores like Boots, Next, Republic, and Very.

My Two Cents:  First of all, I loved how this looked when I saw it on the Models Own site.  However, once I applied it, I fell slightly out of love with it.  Since it’s a duo-chrome it of course has multiple personalities.  Unlike other colors I own from the Beetlejuice collection like Golden Green where the duo-chrome effect was much more subtle, Purple Blue is quite the opposite.  It takes on very noticeably different shades depending on the lighting and the angle.  While I quite liked when it did in fact look purply blue, I felt that it mostly just looked kind of like a murky brown pink, which I was not really diggin if I’m completely honest.  In fact I will probably be hard pressed to wear it again at all.

The formula on this one was pretty thin and definitely needed all three coats to be completely opaque.  However, with that being said it was difficult to apply or anything.  Another thing that I have found consistently with the Models Own polishes I have is that they really do not smell nice.  I know these aren’t huge, deal breaking, product boycotting issues, well at least not for me, but I do think they’re worth mentioning.  I also found that this one seemed to chip faster and that it was a bit more difficult to remove for some reason as well.

Tips:  Always begin with a base coat and finish with a good top coat.  Keep a good amount of product on the brush and do three good coats.

Something Similar:  Orly – Galaxy Girl, Claire’s Cosmetics – Evil Queen, Misa – Embroidered Emerald, & M.A.C. – Formidable.

I apologize for the lack luster pictures, but I had such an incredibly difficult time trying to capture the duo-chrome effect.  You may have noticed that I’ve been included a few new categories in some of my recent reviews.  I know that the subject of animal testing and whether products are cruelty and toxic free, not to mention vegan friendly are criteria that are relevant to many people I know personally when it comes to making purchases and therefore supporting certain companies.  So in order to provide you with as much information as I can I’m trying my best to look into these things.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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