Halloween Party Highlights

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy Halloween!  I for one love Halloween and it’s one of the things I really miss living in Germany because it’s not really celebrated here.  In very recent years some villages have slowly been catching on to it a bit but nothing at all like back in North America.  In order to help ease the pain of the homesickness that plagues me all through the fall season the Captain Canada and I decided to start hosting our own Halloween party.  So last week we got to work decorating, carving pumpkins and my friend Johanna and I got together to get all the baking done.  By the way, Johanna is not only a master cookie decorator and a truly talented artist in general, but she also painted the Sugar Skull in the slide show.  I also included a picture of my crazy Halloween Candy Corn eye shadow that I wore today (yes mom, I did in fact wear orange & yellow eyeshadow out and about  and to the grocery store today).

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In case anyone was wondering, my costume “The Not So Fairy” and Captain Canada’s “Lego Man” costume were both homemade.  I made my own tutu skirt with tulle and ribbon, my wings were made out of old metal coat hangers and tights, and I also did the cut outs on a plain black t-shirt to make my skull shirt with the help of a YouTube tutorial.  It’s not pictured here but there is a rib cage all down the back as well.  As for the Lego Man, we found the perfect blue overalls to pair with a basic red t-shirt at an auto supply store here in Germany, purchased some yellow rubber dish washing gloves and made the head out of chicken wire and paper mache. I’m sure you can imagine that the Lego Man was a huge hit and everyone couldn’t resist trying it on for a little photo opp.  All in all we had a great night, with wonderful friends and rather tasty food if I do say so myself.  I look forward to teaming up with Johanna and co-hosting next years party.  I only have a year to come up with some costume ideas for the Captain and I.  Eek!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Party Highlights

  1. Amanda (Mae) says:

    so fun! I love the Lego Man! Awesome job!

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