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This is my first attempt at reviewing brushes or any beauty tools for that matter, so I was pretty clueless as to how to go about it.  I tried my best, but please feel free to make any suggestions by commenting below.  I’d really appreciate your feedback.


Rating System:  Poor, Okay, Average, Good, Excellent

Brand:  Royal & Langnickel

Collection:  S.I.L.K


Brush:  C500 Angled Shader

Price:  $5.39 – $5.99  USD, €6,20 Germany, £5.10 UK

Bristles:  Natural Hair

Description:  “Use to apply and blend eye shadow.  Soft natural hairs make this brush ideal for powder shadows.  The angled cut allows for maximum control.”

Overall Rating:  Good

My Two Cents:  This is one of two angled eye brushes that I own and this is definitely the nicer of the two (the other is an Eco Tools brush).   It’s fluffy and very soft.  I use this brush many different ways depending on what products I’m using and what effect I’m trying to achieve.  I have used it for applying shadow to the lid and the crease, for blending, as well as for applying a highlight to the brow bone.  I’ve not experienced any shedding and so far it has retained it’s shape after washing.


Brush:  BC420 Smudger

Price:  $7.19 – $7.99  USD, €8,68 Germany, £6.38 – £7.14 UK

Bristles:  Natural Hair

Description:   “Firm, gently pointed natural hair makes this brush ideal for creating the perfect smokey eye.”

Overall Rating:  Excellent

My Two Cents:  It’s super soft and gentle, not to mention that it always retains it’s shape after being washed.  The size and shape makes this perfect for use in the crease, but I also like to use it for blending.  This brush is just amazing.  In fact I love it so much that it has quickly become my favorite eye brush and I am seriously considering picking up one or two more.


Brush:  C440 Pointed Liner

Price:  $7.99  USD, £7.14 UK

Bristles:  Natural Hair

Description:   “This natural hair brush is ideal for both lining and filling lips or creating a full line at the base of the lash.”

Overall Rating:  Excellent

My Two Cents:  In all honesty, I don’t use this brush for either of it’s intended purposes.  Although I could see it being great for applying lip products, I feel as though it is much too thick to be of much use for applying eye liner.  This bristles of this brush are very soft and it also retained it’s shape after washing.  I  have used this for smudging color under the eye, for more precise placement of color in the crease and for adding a highlight to the inner corners of the eye.


Brush:  BC480 Detail Liner

Price:  $3.59 – $3.99  USD, €4,33 Germany, £3.56 UK

Bristles:  Natural Hair

Description:  “A pointed tip is perfect to create a precision line at the base of lashes.”

Overall Rating:  Okay

My Two Cents:  I think the only positive thing I can say about this brush is that the bristles of this, just like the others, are very soft.  I had high hopes for this and thought it would be great for applying gel eye liner.  Unfortunately I was very disappointed because once I washed this (which you should always do before using) it completely lost the precision pointed shape which would have made it useful.  Nothing I have tried has helped re-shape it either.  Since I have it I do try to make it work by using it to line the bottom of my eye with powder shadow.  For lack of a better word, it just kind of sucks.  So I say save your money where this one is concerned.        


Manufacturer Care Instructions:  Use gentle shampoo and luke warm water.  Reshape and lie flat to dry completely for best results.


Tips:  I have been using baby shampoo to give my brushes a good deep clean and I find that it works great.  However, I have heard that it’s best to use an actual brush cleaner to spot clean them in between deep cleaning them as well.  I plan to purchase the  MAC Brush Cleaner for this purpose but there are many other options available from higher end companies to more affordable brands.  For instance, E.L.F., Sonia Kashuk, Sally Beauty Supply, Crown Brush, Clinique and Estee Lauder all have brush cleaners available.


Availability:  You can purchase directly from Royal & Langnickel (they also make art brushes), as well as, and


Before deciding on Royal & Langnickel’s S.I.L.K brushes I read a lot of reviews on different brands of brushes and not once did I come across a bad review on this brand.  I have even heard that these are comparable to MAC & Sigma brushes.  As far as I’m concerned R & L make a great product and I would definitely recommend them.  Overall I have been very happy with my brushes and pleasantly surprised by the high quality of them.  So if you’re looking for good, high quality brushes that won’t break the bank then definitely give the Royal & Langnickel S.I.L.K brushes a try.  If the S.I.L.K line doesn’t appeal to you or if you’re looking for a a different type of brush be sure to check the R&L site because they have numerous brush collections ranging in price from natural to different synthetic bristles to suit your needs.  Be sure to “Like” Royal & Langnickel on Facebook to stay up to date on what’s going on and as always, thanks for reading and check back soon.


*All content, written & media belongs to me unless otherwise stated and you may not use without my permission. Thanks!

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