OMG…Those Glasses Were Free!?!?

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A few months ago I came across a post on Luuux about this website, that was offering a free pair of frames complete basic prescription lenses for free.  I being the skeptic that I am thought it sounded too good to be true.  However, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to investigate.  I dug around on the Coastal site and even chatted with a customer service representative to answer some questions I had because I thought there was surely a catch.  Well lo and behold it was not in fact too good to be true and there wasn’t a catch.  Just please be aware of the following terms and conditions that apply, which I have listed at the bottom of this post for your convenience.

So here is the deal, you head on over to and click the banner near the bottom of the homepage that reads “GET YOUR FIRST PAIR OF GLASSES FREE.”  From there you will be taken to the page displaying the frames they have on offer for this particular promotion.  You might be thinking, as I was initially, that there won’t be much to choose from and that what they do have won’t be very nice or cute, and you much like myself would be proven wrong.  They had and still have plenty of great frames to choose from for men, women and children.  Okay, so once you choose your frames you will be prompted to tell them how you will be using your glasses and enter your prescription information.  Please be aware that you will need your pupillary distance measurement as well, but if you don’t have it there are excellent instructions on how you can take this measurement yourself.  Once you’ve entered your prescription information then you will be prompted to make your lens selection.  As I mentioned above, Coastal throws in the standard lenses for free, although at this point it says that they are $9.95.  Rest assured though, that upon checkout that charge will disappear.  Just be sure to choose the “Standard Lens” option if you do not want incur any additional fees.  However, if you would like to you can upgrade to a higher quality lens, a sunglass lens or add one or all of the three available protective coating options at this point at an additional charge.   Perhaps you’re still skeptical, I admit I still was at this point, but once you proceed to the checkout you can finally enter the discount code FIRSTPAIRFREE and see the charge for the frame and standard lens magically disappear.  This is where you will find out the exact amount you will be charged for your insurance  fee which is based on the value of the frames you have selected and shipping fees depending on which option you chose.  Along with your glasses, you will also receive a hard case, a double ended screwdriver on a key chain for your glasses and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

I received my glasses from Coastal nearly a month ago and have been wearing and loving them ever since.  Since I had intended this pair of glasses to serve as a backup pair to my very fashion forward, pricey, carbon and lime green Etnia Barcelona frames, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the frames and even the basic lenses which I opted for.  In all honesty I wasn’t quite expecting to love these glasses anywhere near as much as I do.  In fact I have worn these more than my Etnia’s since I decided to dye my hair bright purple because the bottom half of my Etnia’s are transparent lime green and I feared my crazy hair color would transfer.  So the basic black Derek Cardigan frames I got have been a perfect solution for that.  Not to mention the fact that the particular wayfarer style  frames I chose (Derek Cardigan 7003 in black) are right on trend, so incredibly cute and comfortable, more so after I had them adjusted properly.

I also thought it was worth mentioning that my mom also took advantage of this great deal (her frames are the pretty one’s with rhinestones on the arms).  For those of you who don’t know my dear mommy, she can be rather particular about things.  That is perhaps why I remember her calling me the day her glasses arrived so well, because she too was very happy with her frames and could not believe just how nice they were.  I was astonished because I had not yet received mine at that point.  So if my mom and I were both happy with Coastal, I can’t imagine that anyone else wouldn’t be.

Last week I had read somewhere, I can’t recall where exactly, that the “First Pair Free” promo ended on August 22nd, which I was glad to find out is NOT the case.  I chatted with another one of Coastal’s customer service reps today via the live chat feature on their site and asked her when the promotion ended and her exact words were, “the First Pair Free promo is here to stay.”  Woo Hoo!  If you, or anyone you know is currently shopping around for glasses then I say head on over to Coastal and jump on this and spread the word.  You will receive a quality product, great service and super quick shipping, or at least that was my experience.  By the way, they also have an a “Back To School” promo on right now as well where you can get two frames (luxury frames excluded) for $75 which free shipping.

Although I was jazzed to get a free pair of glasses, I couldn’t help but think just how amazing this would be for anyone in serious need of new glasses that perhaps could not otherwise afford them.  Glasses are expensive at the best of times, but particularly so during this horrible economic downturn that has hit everyone so hard.  So if you’ve seen me tweet about this promo or if you’ve seen it on the Girl In The Glasses Facebook page it’s truly because I am so impressed with this company and I simply want to get the word out to those who will benefit most from this amazing offer.  Also, just for the record, I have no affiliation with Coastal, nor was I approached by them to feature their services.  All opinions expressed in this post are truly my own.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

Coastal First Pair Free Promo Terms & Conditions:

  • One free pair of glasses per customer per prescription.
  • We reserve the right to verify all prescriptions.
  • Valid for coupon eligible frames only.
  • To get your free pair apply the coupon code FIRSTPAIRFREE at the checkout.
  • 1.5 index lenses included for free.
  • Lens upgrades including: higher index lenses, progressives, Transitions, polarized and all lens coatings are available at additional cost.
  • Shipping costs may apply, which is typically $5 to $15
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers
  • Valid for residents of the United States only.
  • reserves the right to cancel orders that appear to be in violation of this promotion.


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