Julep: Kate

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Last month I decided to join the Julep Maven monthly subscription service.  For those of you who know I live in Germany and are wondering how I was able to join since they don’t ship to Europe, well my mommy still lives in Michigan.  So I am able to use her address and then she is nice enough to forward the package to me.  Now onto the review!

Rating System:  Poor, Okay, Average, Good, Excellent

Brand:  Julep

Collection:  It Girl

Finish:  Pearl

Formula: Okay

Application: Okay

Durability: Good

Coats:  2

Base Coat:  Essie Sensitivity Base Coat

Top Coat:  Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Price:  $14 USD

Availability:   I received Kate in my July “It Girl” Julep Maven box.  However, Julep nail polish is available through the Julep site and at Sephora.

My Two Cents:   While I absolutely adore the color of Kate, I just found the formula to be a bit thick.  This made application a little difficult resulting in an uneven finish.  For instance a lot of nail polishes seem to be almost self leveling, if that even makes sense.  Kate however, did not do this so you can definitely see where it is nice and opaque in some areas and more transparent in others.  Perhaps a third coat would have helped, but like I said, this polish is already on the thick side so I didn’t want to add yet another coat.  Also, it seemed to take quite a while to dry.  This was my first time using Julep though so I’m curious to see how some of their other colors compare.  While the Julep bottles are unique, I just don’t love them.  In fact they seem a little unstable and the top of the brush was rather awkward to use in my opinion.  By no means have any of my little gripes turned me off of Julep though.

Tips:  Perhaps adding a drop or two of nail lacquer thinner will remedy the problem I had with the thickness and uneven application.

Something Similar:  I searched for something similar to share with you because I know not everyone wants to fork over $14 for 8 mL of nail polish.  However, I was not able to find anything that was quite like Kate.  I think it’s a bit of a unique color due to the fact that it is really an opaque white with the most subtle pearlescent shimmer.  So perhaps you could get this look by layering a white pearl polish over a white creme polish.

If you’re interested in joining Julep Maven you can do so by clicking my referral link.  For every two successful referrals I will receive a free month from Julep.  As a Maven member you will also be eligible for this perk along with the other benefits I mentioned in my Julep Maven post back in June.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.


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