I’m Back

The Captain and I had a lovely time with our friend Stefan this weekend in Zell Am See, Austria.  The weather was not the best but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits.  The guys went for a nice long hike in the mountains, we had some wonderful dinners and when the rain really started coming down we were able to take shelter in the local the indoor swimming pool & sauna.  Sunday morning came a little too soon to be honest.  On our way back to Munich we decided to drive over to Salzburg since none of us had ever visited before.  When we finally found our way to the creepy parking garage that was carved underground into the rock, we decided to stretch our legs and go for a little walk and get some coffee and strudel.  Salzburg was beautiful and just as we were heading back to the car the sun came out in full force, it’s such a shame we didn’t have more time but it’s definitely a place we would like to visit in the future when we have a little more time.  After Salzburg we climbed back into the car and just before Munich we ended up in a 12 km long traffic jam.  Thankfully we took a little mid-traffic jam break at a rest stop or else I would not have made it.  Luckily that was as bad as traffic got during the whole trip so I suppose we can’t complain so much.

When we finally did arrive in Munich at Stefans I could not get up to his apartment fast enough.  Once there, I hurriedly turned on my heating pad, threw it on my foot and proceeded to make myself at home, as I always do, and sprawl out on the couch.  After the three of us relaxed and unwound a bit, our grumbling stomachs told us to get a move on to find some dinner.  So that’s just what we did, sort of, eventually.  After eating heavy Austrian & German food all weekend we were in need of something different.  That of course mean that there was of course the standard painful conversation/deliberation as to where to eat which included searches on numerous electronic devices in the form of a smart phone or two and even an I-Pad.  Finally we decided on Takumi, a ramen restaurant near Stefan’s neighborhood, where a delicious meal of gyoza and ramen was had by all.  Then after I had a little nap, Captain Canada and I bid Stefan a fond farewell and prepared for our two hour drive home.

Monday was spent picking up the incredibly bullie duo, unpacking, doing laundry, grocery shopping and of course resting.  Both of us were so tired yesterday.  I for one am still exhausted but I wanted to be sure to get a post up today.  Anyhow, all in all, we had a great weekend and we look forward to heading down to Munich again in September to visit with Stefan again.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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