Girl & Captain On Holiday…

Here’s hoping to be treated to similarly nice weather and scenery this weekend.

Today Captain Canada and I are busy running errands and packing in preparation for our weekend trip to Austria.  First thing tomorrow morning we’ll drop off the Incredibly Bullie Duo at the kennel, pick up the package we missed today from the post office, then we will make our way down to Munich to pick up our friend who will be joining us.  While in Munich though we plan to pay a visit to LUSH (the Captain needs more Bohemian soap lol), M.A.C. and the Apple store.  I’m excited to check out the new Macbooks since we are in fact in the market for a new laptop.  So yeah, this will mean a short hiatus for me.  However, you can count on a post about our trip upon my return and you can bet your ass that some sort of madness will no doubt ensue as it usually does when I venture out away from the safe bubble of our little village.  Have a good weekend and send us some good weather vibes if you could.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.


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