LUSH, Turning Manly Men Into Product Whores One Bar of Soap at a Time…

*Not pictured: Bohemian

When Captain Canada and I made our way down to Nürnberg last week for our shopping extravaganza I just couldn’t resist wandering into the LUSH store.  I am a relatively new LUSH convert to be honest.  In fact, before moving to Germany, we lived in London Ontario where we even had a LUSH store in one of our local shopping malls.  However, the Captain and I avoided that place like they were administering mandatory enemas.  We wouldn’t even go in the entrance near the store even though that meant going quite out of our way just so our sense of smell would not be under siege by the noxious haze of the co-mingling scents.  While I still do not believe that a LUSH store should ever be located within the confines of a shopping mall, I have discovered a new found appreciation for the company and their products upon purchasing my first LUSH product in recent months.

I purchased my very first bar of Honey I Washed the Kid soap over a month or so ago and I was hooked.  Damn that caramel scented goodness!  Since I only had a small pathetic sliver left I knew I NEEDED to get another one.  I was also hoping to pick up one of their solid perfumes in the same fragrance.  Sadly though that was not to be since apparently LUSH only releases Honey I Washed the Kid in perfume form around Christmas according to my helpful friendly sales woman who then directed me toward the Lust perfume.  I for one do not care for the scent of Lust at all.  Leigh Ann Says raves about it and I have to admit, I was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about it, but it’s just not for me.  I did quite like the Vanillary perfume and was ready to maybe give that go until the sales woman handed me a tube of Love.  First of all, I am very into sweet, vanilla, caramel, almond and cinnamon scents as well as some fruity scents.  I often wonder if it has a little something to do with my affinity for baking.  Anyhow, I was in love with Love at first whiff.  I’m not really one to use this abbreviation but OMG!  It’s so cinnamony (I know it’s not a real word, but it should be).  Don’t be put off though because it’s not a sickly sweet fragrance or sweet at all really but rather a spicy scent.  This isn’t for everyone I’m sure but I absolutely adore it and I’m so glad my husband told me to go ahead and splurge on it even though I just snagged a M.A.C. lipstick just ten minutes before.  Yay for early birthday prezzies!

Now it was time to get my slice of Honey I Washed the Kid soap.  While the sales woman sliced a chunk off and wrapped it for me I took the time to check out some of the other soaps.  I quite liked the Porridge one and was all set to get a bar of it, that is until Capt. Canada picked up a bar of Bohemian and smelled it.  Next thing I knew I was having a giant chunk of lemony goodness thrust excitedly at my nose.  I was not only almost bowled over by the sheer force at which he shoved that bar of soap at my face but also by the fact that he actually liked something from a store like LUSH. This was truly a ground breaking moment as the Captain just doesn’t do products that he would consider “girly” or overly hyped.  Well let’s just say he had a change of heart that day.  So the bar of Bohemian also came home with us that day.

Captain Canada’s LUSH revolution occurred six days ago and I can assure you that he has been trying to use that bar of Bohemian sparingly but I know he’s having a hard time because he loves it.  In spite of the fact that he has totally laid claim to that bar of soap which I had been silly enough to believe was communal, I love that he loves it.  Not only does Bohemian make him and our whole bathroom smell AH-mazing (I can even smell it in the living room while he’s using it in the shower), but I now know something special to treat him with in the future.  The downside of this is that I think I may have created a bit of a monster.  That is just what I get for exposing him to some of the finer things in life like good cuts of beef, actual facial wash, and of course the joys of all natural luxury soap.

Have you tried LUSH products, if so what are your favorites?  If you haven’t, then what in the world are you waiting for, get yourself to your nearest store or head over to the LUSH site (they have locations worldwide).  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.


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One thought on “LUSH, Turning Manly Men Into Product Whores One Bar of Soap at a Time…

  1. fashionmudra says:

    Lol, I love the soap

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