Labello Repair & Beauty Lip Balm

I picked this up last week while in my local drugstore after hearing about it via the Labello FaceBook site throughout the month of June.  I was looking forward to giving this a try as it was advertised as being a product that would provide the best of both worlds with it’s “Innovative 2 in 1 technology,” as it will help repair dry lips as well as provide a subtle flush of color and shine. When I opened the tube I have to admit I thought it was kind neat how it had two layers.  The outer pink layer contains the shine and subtle hint of rose color and the white center core contains the moisturizing repair formula.

What I Liked:  Out of all of the Labello products I have tried, this has the most subtle and natural color.  I appreciate this on those days where I just want a slight wash of color giving my lips a nice natural glow.  This product is also super moisturizing.

What I didn’t like:  This felt a bit heavy on the lips first of all, but perhaps some people don’t mind that.  It does however prevent me from reaching for it unless my lips are incredibly parched.  The fragrance of this lip balm is also not so nice.  It smells rather strongly, in my opinion, of baby powdery perfume.  While I tend to like the scent of baby powder in general, I do not want it on my lips and this really put me off.

I appreciate what Labello was trying to achieve with this product and I will potentially use it on those days where my lips are intensely dry and chapped since I have it.  However, I would not repurchase this one unless they lightened the formula a bit or at the very least did something about the strong off putting fragrance.  If you don’t think you’d mind the fragrance and are looking for a product packed with moisturizing capabilities that also provides a nice hint of color then this would certainly be right up your alley.  By the way, I paid less than €2 for this at my local DM.  Let me know if you’ve given this a try and if you liked it or not.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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