New favorite lipstick…I think so!

I did a swatch of Peach Pearl Diamonds on my hand in Müller a few weeks ago and my husband told me it looked too brown.  So I passed on it.  Then when I went outside into the natural sunlight I loved the color and decided to pick it up eventually.  Well that day came last week.  I was having a majorly bad foot day (I think I might just be an emotional shopper, jeez) and couldn’t even do my own grocery shopping so off Captain Canada went while I waited in the car.  Suddenly it occurred to me that my local Edeka has Maybelline products, so I called him up and asked him to make a detour to the cosmetic section.  Which he obligingly did.  I told him what color I wanted and sure enough they had it and he snagged it for me.  What a wonderful hub I have, seriously.  I know a lot of guys and I know that a large number of them would never buy lipstick all by their lonesome even if it were for their gimpy wifey.

I have been wearing Maybelline Color Sensational The Shine Lipstick in Peach Pearl Diamonds exclusively since I purchased it and I think I am in love.  I have a small collection of lipsticks and lip glosses, mostly Catrice products, but this is by far hands down my favorite now.  This lipstick feels so incredibly smooth and creamy and it smells fantastic.  It kind of has a subtle lemon scent with a hint of sweetness, which I personally don’t mind and in fact quite like.  For those of you ladies who do not like shine or shimmer, then run fast and run hard away from this color.  While it does have a shine to it, it’s not overwhelmingly shiny.  As for the shimmer, I mean it does have the words “pearl” and “diamonds” in the name so you can probably imagine that it is packed with a good helping of shimmer as well.  Do not fear though, it’s not crazy shimmery and you will not walk away looking as though you tried to suck up a jar of glitter off the floor or anything equally as distasteful. While I admittedly would never usually go for a lip color this shimmery ordinarily, somehow I just feel like the shimmer combined with the color and shine works.  In fact my lipstick collection consists mostly of similar nude colors that have a matte or creme finish.  This is a peach lipstick but not a vibrant one by any means.  Peach Pearl Diamonds give more a wash of color that is buildable, just be aware that each layer comes with more of that lovely golden shimmer.  I feel as though this color is pretty universal and would flatter a vast majority of skin tones, I for one am incredibly fair and it works really well for me.  As far as wear time is concerned, I think it’s fair to say that this isn’t super long wearing.  On average I would say I get about two to three hours of wear out of this before I begin to notice that it’s time for reapplication.  For me, that’s not a deal breaker though because I don’t want my lipstick to require industrial strength remover nor do I mind reapplying.  I actually like reapplying it because I feel as though it ensures that the color is vibrant and shiny rather than looking dry, bedraggled and hanging on for dear life.  That’s just my personal preference though and to each their own.

I am so in love with this lipstick and I will definitely repurchase it, God willing it is still available when I begin to run low.  Is it crazy if I just go ahead and get a backup in case?  Seriously, let me know.  Anyhow, if I’m not mistaken Maybelline lipstick ranges in price from €7,95 to €9,25 here in Germany.  One more thing that I feel I should mention is that I am not sure if this exact color is available worldwide.  I did check the US Maybelline site as well as the UK Maybelline site and was not able to find this color listed on either of them unfortunately, this might just mean that it’s simply not listed on the site or perhaps it masquerades under a different name.  Please, if you have any information regarding this lipstick and any possible alias it may assume elsewhere, let me know by commenting down below.  Be sure to check out the slideshow below for more photos and for swatches.  Danke!

On a side note, does it drive anyone else bonkers when cosmetic companies change the names and numbers of colors, not to mention product availability between countries?  I can understand the product availability to a point but changing the color names and numbers..really…WHAT THE SHIZZ!?!?  Okay my rant has commenced, my apologies but I had to get it out there.  Thinking happy thoughts now…and calm.  As always, thanks for reading and check back soon.

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