Just A Few More Things

Yesterday I overdid it a bit cleaning the kitchen and my problem prone feet decided to make me pay for the privilege.  So to be quite honest, with that and the crap weather I was a little down in the dumps yesterday.  When Captain Canada arrived home we needed to head out to the grocery store.  Well neither of were in much of a mood to cook, so it was decided that we would be very bad and visit the golden arches beforehand since we were both hungry.  On the way into town I asked him to stop off at DM for me.  I have been waiting for the new Catrice Limited Edition Coolibri collection to be released so I wanted to check this particular location to see if was in fact available.  Also, for some reason, when I have a bad day going to DM, Müller or Douglas and perusing the aisles lifts my mood a bit.  Nothing like a little retail therapy right ladies?  Anyhow, I wasn’t very impressed with the Coolibri collection personally and the one nail polish I wanted from the collection, 05 Virgin Forest wasn’t in stock sadly.  So I had a look at the bargain bins, as I call them.  I have managed to find some great deals in the bargain bins and it’s the perfect place to stock up odds and ends for future swaps and giveaways.  Oddly there was one of each of the Essie Mirror Metallic collection colors abandoned in a bargain bin of limited edition Catrice nail polishes.  I picked up Good As Gold in hopes that perhaps it was discounted, and I told myself that if it wasn’t that I wouldn’t get it.  If you read my previous post about the Essie Mirror Metallics then you may remember that I was questioning whether or not going back to pick this up as it was the one color I didn’t snag from the collection.  In yet another bin I came across three Catrice Cruise Couture Limited Edition Eyeshadow palettes.  When I flipped them over to see the price I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were marked down to €2,45 which is half of what they  had originally been priced if I remember correctly.  So naturally I snagged two of them, now I’m kicking myself for not getting the third as well, not sure what I was thinking.  Anyhow, when the Captain and I were checking out, it turned out that Good As Gold was still full price (€7,95) and I told him not to get it but he ignored me and got it for me anyhow.  He really is such a sweetheart.  As much as he teases me about my nail polish addiction, he sure does indulge and enable me in spite of it.

After we scarfed our McD’s we headed to our local Edeka grocery store to pick up some necessities.  That is where I picked up the microfiber cloth for washing my face.  Yes, that’s what I intend to use it for.  I actually got the idea from a recent video from xteener on YouTube.  So yeah, it’s nothing special just a store brand microfiber cloth that cost €1,29.  I also stumbled upon a display for Garnier body lotion and they had one buy one get one free double pack of their Hydrating & Firming Body Tonic left (this was €3,45 and DM has Garnier body lotion double packs now as well).  This was my body lotion of choice last summer and I quite liked how light and non-greasy it was so I snapped it up.  I figured it would be good for my husband who hates lotion, because as he says “it’s feels greasy.”  I was skeptical whether he would go for it or not, but I figured it was my best bet since most of the lotions I have on the go at the moment would be too heavy for him.  After explaining to him that was not in fact greasy, I had him smell it to see if he could deal with the scent and to my astonishment, he said it smelled good and threw it in the bag.  By the way, it has a really nice, fresh, clean, citrus scent.  It seems like so many body lotions have floral smells, which I am definitely not a fan of myself, or they just tend to be geared more toward women I feel.  So all in all, I think this is a great choice especially for men.  That’s it for my little haul.  I know it seems like I’ve been shopping a lot lately and I suppose I have been a bit, but this is totally uncharacteristic of me.  Anyhow, as always thanks for reading and check back soon.

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