Essie: Nothing Else Metals

This is from the Mirror Metallics collection that I posted recently.  It’s the first of the collection that I’ve used, although I’m now wearing Good As Gold so watch for those swatches soon.  Naturally after returning home with four new bottles of nail polish, I could not decided on color, so Captain Canada came to the rescue and picked Nothing Else Metals.  Essie describes this color as lilac, but I feel as though it looks really pink personally, and not being a “pink girl” this one made me a little nervous.  I was however, really shocked by just how much I ended up liking this color once I had it on.  As I said in my Mirror Metallics Haul post, seeing these colors in the bottle absolutely does not do them any justice.  They come off so much better, not to mention very different once applied.  The formula is wonderful and is one of the better metallic formulas I have used and goes on so easily especially with the new wide brush.  I wore this for four days and I feel as though it held up really.  I did pair it with my usual Essie Sensitivity Base and my Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat to help with wear.  By the time I removed Nothing Else Metals I did experience some minor chipping, but once again I credit that to my cleaning spree sans gloves.  I know I should wear rubber gloves, if not to protect my manicure, then to at least save my hands from getting so dry from all the cleaners.  Anyhow,  I really love this color and I’m just generally in love with this whole collection thus far.  I for one think they are a great alternative to all the pastels and neons that other companies have been releasing recently.  So, if you would also like a little break from the pastels and neons then be sure to keep an eye out for Nothing Else Metals as well as the rest of the Mirror Metallics.  On a side note, I apologize for not including a picture without flash as I usually try to do, but this color just looked silver when I took a picture with no flash so I figured there was no point in including it.  As always thanks for reading and check back soon.

Essie retails for €7,95 at DM in Germany but you can also find them at Douglas.  You can find these at some Boots stores in the UK, but I’m unsure on the price.  I still have not heard where the Mirror Metallics collection is available in North America.  However, if you know please comment below.  In the US you can find these at CVS, Target, Walgreens and Ulta for about $8 USD.  I’m still unsure as to where these are available in Canada.  If you’re spotted them please comment below.  Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Essie: Nothing Else Metals

  1. everysensory says:

    super pretty, looks nice with your skin tone 🙂

  2. Maya Chehade says:

    Definitely want to give this a try!

  3. Very nice! I really like the length of your nails, too — just right! 🙂

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