Shocker the wonder dog and his lame little paw

For those of you who do not already know, I am the proud mommy to not one, but two Old English Bulldogges, Gemma and Shocker.  Gemma is a beautiful red and white eight and a half year old female, with an athletic build.  Shocker on the other hand, is a handsome eight year old, brindle spotted white male with one brown eye and an incredibly striking baby blue eye and a distinctive bully underbite.  Oh, I should probably mention that he’s also very clumsy and much rounder than his sister.

Well, now that they have been properly introduced I can get on with what has been going on with our little guy.  Since the day we brought Shocker home with us, he came to live with when he was a little older, we noticed he liked to lick his paws.  A lot.  While Capt. Canada and I have always appreciated his need for cleanliness I have to tell you that the constant sound of him slurping and licking can be quite wearing.  We have tried to curb this behavior, within reason as he still needs to keep clean, over the years to little avail.  While we are home or in the same room as Sock (we call him that or Mr. S for short) we can tell him to stop.  However, when we are out and he is left to his own devices, or in another room or just plain distracted, he takes full advantage more often than not and licks his paws to the point that they become incredibly soft and thick large thick layers of his pads begin to peel.  This also is prone to happen when he’s been on a walk as his paws are already incredibly soft.  Sometimes it’s so bad that he ends up limping and bleeding.  Each time this happens it then means cleaning and treating his paws for days in order to allow them to heal all to have it happen again a month or so later.

We have tried putting a cone on him when we notice him licking obsessively and especially when his paws become irritated.  However, nothing has done the trick.  In the past we have joked about getting him socks or little shoes but we aren’t exactly the “put clothes on our dogs” type of people.  In fact I would never dress my dogs up, ever, unless of course it was a matter of necessity or maybe for a funny Christmas card.

Well now I am left eating those words because last night Capt. Canada spent the better part of an hour on the net looking for and ordering the perfect pair of little dog shoes for Mr. S.  They are red and rather sporty looking and for an extra obscene amount of money we even could have opted for Vibram soles (we of course didn’t though because we are not insane, well not certifiably anyhow).  Shockers shoes will arrive in a few more days and Gemma will either be jealous that she did not get a pair (she kind of has a thing for slippers) or most likely she will ridicule him in her snarky Bulldogge big sister way.  We are really just hoping that he doesn’t spring a leak or have a mental break down when we put them on him for the first time.  So for now we will keep giving him lots of love and cuddles as we keep treating his lame little paw.

He is totally workin that bandage by the way.  Don’t you think?

Mister S in all his snuggly bandaged glory.

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